Illinois Department of Transportation

Illinois has a compendium of major industries and companies operating throughout the state, it also has profitable and booming agricultural activity, with valuable natural resources such as coal, lumber and oil in the southern part of the state.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is a North American state agency that is responsible for the maintenance of public roads that are in charge of the state administration.

This government organization provides funds for construction and maintenance projects for railways and airports. Among its powers as a state agency is the administration of the fuel tax and federal funds intended to improve roadways.

IDOT is headquartered in Sangamon County, which is located very close to the state capital, Springfield. This picturesque city is located in a valley near the Sangamon River, which together with the large artificial lake of the place are a tourist attraction that is worth visiting.

Goals of the Illinois Department of Transportation

At the head of the department is the Illinois Secretary of Transportation, who exercises his functions under the Governor of the state.

Illinois is at the heart of the transportation network, residents and visitors enjoy one of the best transportation systems in the nation, which guarantees safe, efficient and accessible transportation that keeps the state connected to the rest of the country.

The mission of this state body is to provide a means of transport that is safe for the user and profitable for the state, in a way that improves the quality of life of its inhabitants and is a base that promotes prosperous and sustainable economic activity, in addition to respect the free space of the environment and the renewable natural resources that it has.

Another of the main objectives of this institution is to guarantee adequate and truthful information through its Communication Department, to increase public participation in the process of planning and executing plans for expansion or maintenance of the state’s roads.

Citizens are quite happy with the management carried out so far by this department, which is visible in the state of its roads.

Division and Organization

The Illinois Department of Transportation has a complete and efficient network of offices that work together to achieve the objectives of the organization, especially in the aspects of construction and maintenance of the highway, as well as the administration of resources.

• The Office of Business and Labor Diversity coordinates and supervises the implementation of business policies and guidelines.
• The Principal Legal Advisor provides legal advice to the organization regarding any action on its operational or personnel division.
• In the Administration and Finance Department, he controls the budget, exercises accounting, auditing and business management functions.
• The Communications Office is in charge of developing and implementing legislative strategy policies and programs; It analyzes issues of special interest to the organization and also represents the Secretary of Transportation before other state and national organizations.
• Programs to improve the interstate transportation system are developed in the Office of Planning and Programming. This is carried out by working together with metropolitan planning organizations, to achieve the development of programs that are executed with coherence in the works of state public transportation.
• The Quality Review and Compliance Office independently tests the development of the internal control programs carried out in the organization; This is to ensure both the organization and the public that the policies and procedures that are carried out in the department are in accordance with pre-established standards.

The important work of the Illinois Department of Transportation is then evident. Part of an efficient administration consists of delegating specific functions to different entities that can take care of citizens’ needs effectively, in the shortest time possible.