Original project of the Illiana Highway

The Illiana Expressway or better known as Illiana Corridor, was from the beginning of its planning and design, a proposal that was considered controversial; generating a point of discussion about the original project.

The Illiana Corridor Highway proposal presents the idea of ​​building a toll road magyar porno that would be located in the northeast of the state of Illinois and the northwest of Indiana.

The preliminary studies resulted in the Environmental Impact Declarations, which analyze the result of the effects on the environment that would occur if an infrastructure work is carried out, such as the Illiana highway.

The formal studies for the construction of this work began in April 2011, which were directed by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).

The financing of the project caused both Indiana and Illinois to expose conflicting xxx positions on this issue, since neither of those involved wanted to cover the construction costs in full.

Project description

The original project of the Illiana highway is a road that would start its route from Interstate 55, located in Illinois, passing for 50 miles, which is equivalent to about 80 kilometers in length.

Most of the journey takes place in Illinois until it reaches Interstate 65 in Indiana, a state located in the Midwest of the country.


The idea from which the project emanates comes from the intention that Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett had to build an “outer surrounding highway” that would link northwestern Illinois and northwestern Indiana, this was expressed in the Chicago Plan of 1909.

Recently, the process has continued and the proposal on the viability of the Illiana highway was put on the table in 2009, which had a subsequent complementary study in 2010.

The results of these analyzes demonstrated that it could be possible and generated the planning of a scenario for the feasibility studies to be carried out formally. When the results of these studies were known, both states committed to carrying out the project jointly.

Illiana Highway

Planning and Controversy

The Illiana Expressway was designed to become the third east-west expressway, connecting northwestern Illinois and northwestern Indiana.

In June 2010, the development of the project began formally, potential routes were examined in accordance with the planning of state highways. Because Northwest Illinois and Northwest Indiana have highway planning agencies that are recognized at the state szexfilmek and regional level, under Federal Law the Illiana Corridor had to be included in both cases.

The Chicago Metropolitan Planning Agency included the Illiana project in the “GOTO2040” Plan, after which the planners made the request that both states include the highway as a regional priority project.

Later, the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission approved the project in its Comprehensive Plan for 2040; in 2014 it was approved to move from the planning phase to the implementation phase.

A year later, the development of the Original Illiana Highway Project was suspended by the Governor of Illinois, who argued that a cost-benefit study was needed.

The results of these studies indicated that the Illiana Corridor project would be removed from the Illinois Department of Transportation’s plans because the cost of the project was too much for the resources available in the state.

Regardless, Will County has continued to push the highway idea, stating that it would add connectivity to the state system and improve mobility in the region, avoiding congestion and delays in the passage of heavy cargo.

Other opinions, however, declare that it is too expensive and the idea must be rethought, so the controversy continues.

Illinois Department of Transportation

Illinois has a compendium of major industries and companies operating throughout the state, it also has profitable and booming agricultural activity, with valuable natural resources such as coal, lumber and oil in the southern part of the state.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is a North American state agency that is responsible for the maintenance of public roads that are in charge of the state administration.

This government organization provides funds for construction and maintenance projects for railways and airports. Among its powers as a state agency is the administration of the fuel tax and federal funds intended to improve roadways.

IDOT is headquartered in Sangamon County, which is located very close to the state capital, Springfield. This picturesque city is located in a valley near the Sangamon River, which together with the large artificial lake of the place are a tourist attraction that is worth visiting.

Goals of the Illinois Department of Transportation

At the head of the department is the Illinois Secretary of Transportation, who exercises his functions under the Governor of the state.

Illinois is at the heart of the transportation network, residents and visitors enjoy one of the best transportation systems in the nation, which guarantees safe, efficient and accessible transportation that keeps the state connected to the rest of the country.

The mission of this state body is to provide a means of transport that is safe for the user and profitable for the state, in a way that improves the quality of life of its inhabitants and is a base that promotes prosperous and sustainable economic activity, in addition to respect the free space of the environment and the renewable natural resources that it has.

Another of the main objectives of this institution is to guarantee adequate and truthful information through its Communication Department, to increase public participation in the process of planning and executing plans for expansion or maintenance of the state’s roads.

Citizens are quite happy with the management carried out so far by this department, which is visible in the state of its roads.

Division and Organization

The Illinois Department of Transportation has a complete and efficient network of offices that work together to achieve the objectives of the organization, especially in the aspects of construction and maintenance of the highway, as well as the administration of resources.

• The Office of Business and Labor Diversity coordinates and supervises the implementation of business policies and guidelines.
• The Principal Legal Advisor provides legal advice to the organization regarding any action on its operational or personnel division.
• In the Administration and Finance Department, he controls the budget, exercises accounting, auditing and business management functions.
• The Communications Office is in charge of developing and implementing legislative strategy policies and programs; It analyzes issues of special interest to the organization and also represents the Secretary of Transportation before other state and national organizations.
• Programs to improve the interstate transportation system are developed in the Office of Planning and Programming. This is carried out by working together with metropolitan planning organizations, to achieve the development of programs that are executed with coherence in the works of state public transportation.
• The Quality Review and Compliance Office independently tests the development of the internal control programs carried out in the organization; This is to ensure both the organization and the public that the policies and procedures that are carried out in the department are in accordance with pre-established standards.

The important work of the Illinois Department of Transportation is then evident. Part of an efficient administration consists of delegating specific functions to different entities that can take care of citizens’ needs effectively, in the shortest time possible.

Major Roads in Illinois

Illinois is an important crossroads between national highways, as it has a privileged central location. Throughout its territory there are industries, companies and the so-called Corn Belt that make it an important transportation center, with a planned and efficiently maintained road on the most important roads in Illinois.

In this area there is a very busy airport, the International Midway as well as the International O’Hare Airport; Its rail network is extensive, as well as its heavy load passage.

To attend to this continuous commercial and industrial movement, a powerful road transport infrastructure is needed, which is safe, well conditioned and with continuous maintenance, which serves as a functional part of the perfect gear for working together and progress.

Illinois highways and routes

If you have the opportunity to drive through the state of Illinois, you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, historical sites, large fields and you will come across huge reservoirs of fresh water. The following are the major highways in Illinois, used daily by the city’s residents.

Illinois Route 1

We will start by mentioning the Illinois Route 1 (abbreviated IL 1) is a state-type highway that basically constitutes one of the important roads of the state, the beginning of this highway is towards the south from KY 91, which passes over the Ohio River towards the north on I-57 in the city of Chicago.

IL 1 is a road that is 523.3 kilometers or about 325.19 miles. It is located in the southern region and its orientation precisely goes from the north to the south.

Like the rest of the highway infrastructure, the Illinois Department of Transportation is responsible for the maintenance, reconstruction and paving of the highway.

Illinois Route 2

Next on this list of the best roads is Illinois Route 2 (IL2) begins from the south of the state on IL 40 in Sterling heading north on WI 213 in South Beloit in Wisconsin. From beginning to end, this state highway is 118.9 kilometers long and 73.91 miles long; its orientation goes from east to west.

Illinois Route 3

Illinois Route 3 abbreviated IL 3 starts in the south and runs from I-57 in Cairo, a quaint old town in southern Illinois leading north on IL 100 in Grafton in Jersey County . It has a total length of 301.6 kilometers and 187.44 miles and runs from north to south.

Illinois Route 13

We could not fail to mention the Illinois Route 13 (abbreviated IL 13) Its starting point is the west region from IL 157 in the city of Centerville east on KY 56 in Old Shawneetown in the state of Kentucky. In its route from east to west, it is approximately 243.9 kilometers or 151.54 miles long.

Illinois Route 17

Illinois Route 17 (IL 17) begins west from 1st Street in New Boston, a small town in Mercer County, completing its course eastbound to Lowell. The length of this state highway is 337 kilometers which is equivalent to 209.4 miles and its direction is from east to west.

Illinois Route 26

Illinois Route 26 (IL 26) is a highway that begins in southern Illinois from IL 116 in Oswego, a beautiful Village in Kendall County, then goes north on WI 69 in OrangeVille in the state of Wisconsin. It is 224.3 kilometers long and 139.35 miles long.

Illinois Route 394

The next road is about Illinois Route 394 (IL 394) runs from IL 1 in Crete, a charming Village in Will County, heading north on I-292 at Thornton in Cook County. Its length is 23.5 kilometers.

Each of these highways serves as a major highway artery connecting the various towns in Illinois. It should be noted that citizens are quite happy with the work carried out by the Department of Transportation in terms of roads and this is obvious in the state of its main highways and streets.

Major Highways in Lake County, Indiana

Lake County (Lake County) founded in 1837, is part of the 92 counties of the state of Indiana, in the United States of America.

Lake County belongs to the Chicago metropolitan area and its Capital city is Crown Point. It is a beautiful area, with natural beauties that nature lovers will undoubtedly enjoy.

From mid-June to mid-September, the area is filled with visitors seeking outdoor fun with the beautiful beaches and warm, clear days. To get there they use the main Lake County highways, which we will talk about below.

Track maintenance

Interstate highways, Federal routes and state highways are managed and maintained thanks to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), which is in charge of the construction, conditioning and security of all these communication routes.

The Department of Transportation makes large investments to preserve the condition of the roads in patching work, replacement of bridges and recovery of the infrastructure in general. A fairly high percentage of users rate the condition of the roads as in good condition and structurally efficient.

Illinois is a good representative of what is required in terms of roads for a city as productive as this one. Here are some facts about the major Lake County highways in Indiana.

Interstate 65

Let’s start by describing this important route Interstate 65 (I-65) belongs to a group of highways called the Interstate Highway System; as well as it is included as part of the National Highway System.

This highway runs through the states of Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana. In total there are 1427.97 Kilometers or what is the same 887.30 Miles.

The southern end of Interstate 65 meets another famous highway, Interstate 10 in the Mobile region of Alabama. With respect to its northern end, it meets Interstate 90 in Gary, Indiana, in the southeastern part of Chicago.

I-65 also intersects with I-85 when it is in Montgomery, the capital of the State of Alabama in the South of the United States of America. Another of the freeways that I-65 traverses is I-459 in Hoover, I-20 and I-59 in Birmingham.

Major Highways in Lake County

Interstate 80

It is the second of the longest highways in the United States, surpassed only by I-90; This great communication route travels 4666 kilometers from downtown San Francisco in California to connect with the New York metropolitan area in the northern part, in the city of Teaneck, New Jersey.

This long land route connects the cities of Salt Lake City, Omaha, Des Moines, Chicago and Cleveland. Some of the sections of I-80 are adjacent to the top of the old Lincoln Freeway, as in Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and California.

On the stretch of I-80 through Nevada, it passes through a completely deserted and mountainous region where services are scarce. Upon reaching Utah I-80 crosses the Great Salt Desert, this particular stretch is very slow and distraction-free, conducive to driving fatigue, so it has warning signs about drowsiness.

Interstate 90

It is the interstate highway that crosses the United States from east to west. It is the northernmost and longest road in the country with an incredible 4,992 kilometers in total.

This highway crosses 13 states of the country, including: Washington, passing through Idaho, continuing through Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota; it also continues its course through Minnesota, through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, ending with Pennsylvania, passing through New York and Massachusetts.

I-90 begins its journey in Seattle, Washington and reaches Route A1 near the Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, a complete construction site and road. Each of these routes represents a fundamental aspect when it comes to roads, especially for citizens who use them to carry out their work in the different states of the country.